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About Us

History of the Brand


Will has been around horses most of his life. He began riding just before his 7th birthday and quickly became obsessed with being at the yard. He already had a long list of hobbies he was committed to, having been scouted for a premier football academy at the age of 6. Therefore, we often had to run from the yard to football, rugby training or swimming.

We loaned a pony through the harsh winter of 2019 and after showing his commitment to horse riding and everything that comes with it, in February 2020, we found Dewi. He is everything we could wish for and more in a first pony and we feel like he’s always been in our lives. It turned out that we found him just at the right time too as he arrived 2 weeks before the UK went into national lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We were very fortunate during that unprecedented time to spend lots of time bonding with Dewi and one huge positive is that Will and Dewi’s relationship has gone from strength to strength.

A couple of months before Will’s 9th birthday, we were shopping for some equestrian wear for Will. Three shops into our search, Will and I both lost interest as the equestrian fashion market is heavily aimed at girls and there simply wasn’t any stylish male equestrian wear. Will said, ‘’Can’t we design and make our own riding clothes Mum’’. I thought that was a great idea as I was also very frustrated with the lack of options for boys in the equestrian market. Excited, we immediately got to work on our range. Will has been heavily involved in all aspects, helping to choose the name, logo, key pieces and colour options for our launch collection.

When deciding on a name for our brand, we wanted one that meant something to us. One day it hit us that ‘Diablo’ Equestrian would be perfect as Diablo is part of Dewi’s passport name and the logo incorporates a ‘W’ for Will.

Will has a mixture of male and female friends who ride. Therefore, it was important to him to make the brand unisex. Over the past few months, Will has been wearing some of the sample pieces to ensure comfort and durability. He has been a critical customer with some items as Will doesn’t like uncomfortable clothes and is quite fashion conscious. Because of Will’s other hobbies, it was also key that we could take the range from the stable to the street.

We have been working hard behind the scenes sampling lots of pieces to ensure perfection and quality is guaranteed. There are also lots of plans in the pipeline already to add to the launch collection, for children and adults alike. Welcome to Diablo Equestrian, we hope you like our launch collection and please keep up to date with new products launches by registering on our website and through our social media pages.